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Pup Deposits and Purchases

As of November 2008 we will NO LONGER BE DOCKING TAILS on any of our pups.

Tail docking is purely a cosmetic decision and though done in the past, we have always felt that it was not necessary for the breed. There is a growing movement in the dog world to get away from unnecessary surgical proceedures in animals - in some countries it is now against the law.
Russ and I here at K9 Kennels, with the pups well being in mind will no longer be docking tails.
We thank You for your support!

To reserve a pup from any of the following litters, first, please email the answers to our questionaire or phone us for approval.
Then send a $400 - $500 non-refundable, but transferable deposit - if there isn't a pup you like in the litter you are on then you can wait for the next available open spot on a future litter - this applies to any of the litters we have.
You must however, let us know ASAP if you want to switch to another litter, and IF there are deposits in place, yours will go in line with the rest. You will not be bumped up in placing no matter when your deposit was in.

No pup is considered sold until your deposit is in. We do not hold pups without deposits.

Russ & Eve Finlay   Westerose,   Alberta,   Canada      Ph: 780-514-6145 or 780 - 898-3839         

Maltepoos    Annie and Henry December 17th, 2017
1) FeMale - S. Morrison - deposit received.
2) FeMale - K. and M. Landra - deposit received.
3) Male - P. Wai - deposit received.
4) FeMale - H. Tran - deposit received.

Schnockers    Fanny and Jake November 17, 2017
1) Black Male -SOLD-
2) White Male -

Maltepoos    Penny and Sammy January 2, 2018
1) FeMale - G. Pidde - deposit received.
2) Male - L. Vong - deposit received.

Please note - the deposits below were for people who could not take their pup after the deposit was made. I no longer take deposits before a litter is born.

Future Litter
Cathy Braun - $300. deposit received.

Michelle Stafford - $500. deposit received

Jess McWilliam - deposit received.

Lynda Fielder - deposit received.

** Please note: Only God has control over how many pups will be born in any given litter, what sex they will be, or what color.
We cannot guarantee the sex or color of your pup, and do not refund deposits for these reasons. Your deposit ensures you a puppy from the litter.
Do not fall in love with an ideal, fall in love with a puppy!
Please be considerate of others on the list and try to make your choice in a timely fashion. Be available to come out and meet the pups at 5 weeks of age to make your choice.