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Available Puppies


Our Working Dogs

It doesn't matter how much money you have, owning a dog means you are rich!

Specializing in breeding Morkies, MaltiPoos, & YorkiePoos.
Cockapoos sometimes available.

All of our adult breeding dogs are Straight Bred dogs (no crosses),
meaning, we have Poodles, Schnauzers, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers a ShihTzu and a cocker.

Our Poodles

Our Maltese

Our Cockers

Our Bichon

Our Yorkies

Anyone who says you can't buy happiness has forgotten about puppies!

cocker spaniel poodle cross
cocker spaniel poodle cross
maltese poodle cross
MaltiPoo - Maltese X Poodle
maltese poodle cross
Papillon poodle cross
Papipoo - Papillon X Poodle
Bichon poodle cross
Bichipoo - Bichon X Poodle
Yorkie Maltese cross
Morkie- Yorkshire Terrier X Maltese
Pictures above are of the crosses we have made.

Here are our breeding Poodles:

K9 Kennels Poodle
A beautiful soft hearted Blonde miniature poodle female. She has always been on the shy side ever since she was a wee pup and has continued to be so.

K9 Kennels Poodle
Blonde miniature poodle - Penny is full of beans! A very bouncy lively girl.

K9 Kennels Poodle
Cookie is a year and a half older than the above girls and is an awesome momma.

Poodle studs:

K9 Kennels Poodle
Henry is a loving little grey mixed toy poodle - just a sweet little fellow.

K9 Kennels Poodle
Norman is a proven miniature poodle stud who has produced some beautiful pups for us here!


K9 Kennels Maltese
Annie is out of our breeding, and has turned out to be a loving dedicated momma to her babies. Just a lovely little dog.

K9 Kennels Maltese
Sammy is the sweetiest little guy who has made some beautifull pups for us. A great temperament, he's just a loving little dog.

Cocker Spaniel

K9 Kennels Cocker Spaniel
Bella is a friendly Cocker Spaniel who has produced some lovely pups for us here.

K9 Kennels Cocker Spaniel
(PICTURE COMING SOON) Daisy is a really lovely deep chocolate Cocker Spaniel who is starting to produce lovely Cockapoos. A real sweetheart!

K9 Kennels Cocker Spaniel
Jake is our American Cocker stud dog, and has developed into a really lovely dog. He makes some amazing Cockapoos!

Yorkshire Terriers

K9 Kennels Yorkshire Terrier
Lil'Jake is a good sized Yorkshire Terrier stud. He has a sweet temperament and is just a going concern!

K9 Kennels Yorkshire Terrier
Molly is my little peanut - I just love her to bits. Molly has proved to be an excellent momma to her babies - just a lovely friendly little dog.

K9 Kennels Yorkshire Terrier
(PICTURE COMING SOON) Simone is a daughter of Molly's. She is more like her daddy, little Jake - active, bouncy, and a going concern. She is starting to make us some lovely YorkiePoo's.


Betty B
K9 Kennels Bichon
Betty has produced some amazing pups - she has just the sweetest temperament and is such a goofball of a dog.

These pictures were taken at playtime in the yard.

George and Holly, on a tear!
George and Holly, on a tear around the yard - Holly is completely in the air!
Poodles are so goofy! I love them to bits!

Gracey, Holly and George, 2005
Gracey, Holly and George, 2005

George and Holly 2005
George introduces himself to Holly...is it love?

Gracey, Holly and Cindy Lou and Lily, 2008
Holly, Cindy Lou the Shih Tzu, Gracey, and in front, Lily (Papillon).

Miniature Poodle Cross Puppies
Due to it's low-shedding quality and intelligence the Poodle has been used as the base of "hybrid" breeding stock for decades. Hybrids are the offspring of two recognized purebred dogs of different breeds. Unlike a mutt or mongrel, a hybrids lineage can be easily traced and it's characteristics and appearance are much more predictable.

Producing HYBRIDS in the agricultural and animal husbandry industries has been done for decades because of their high yields, genetic disease resistance and generally more robust individuals. In dogs, this Hybrid VIGOR (Heterosis) also carries through. When hybridizing with stable and well-tempered purebreds, litters are produced with all the above qualities and typically, a more mellow temperament. Genetic defects that may be common to some purebreds are not commonly seen in the HYBRID dogs (possible yes, but not common). For example, eye and epilepsy conditions are rarely seen in Cock-A-Poos; skin allergy conditions are rarely seen in Westie-Poos; and hip dysplasia conditions are rarely seen in the large-breed HYBRIDS. Since defects in different purebreds ARE different, they tend to neutralize negative things and compensate each other in the hybrid.

In general, F1 crosses or the offspring of two purebred dogs of different breed are the most desirable. Multi-generational crossings are thought to dilute the hybrid vigor that was desired in the first place. For example, a puppy from a purebred Cocker Spaniel Dam and a purebred Poodle Sire is an F1 Cross known as a "CockaPoo". Mating a Cockapoo with another Cockapoo would result in multi-generational offspring.

While the CockaPoo is the most popular and well known Poo Cross, others have been developed for very specific reasons. The Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever X Standard Poodle) and the Goldie Poo (Golden Retriever X Standard Poodle) were initially developed in Austrailia to produce a guide dog or seeing-eye dog with the keen and placid temperment of the Golden/Lab but with the Poodles lower propensity for shedding. The outcome of this experiment has been so successful that the demand for this hybrid has grown in leaps and bounds in North America.

We strongly recommend that you spay or neuter your puppy by 6 months of age as this will help with the marking of territories and the females coming into heat. We do not recommend breeding any F1 crosses.


These are the crosses we do:

CockaPoo - Cocker Spaniel X Poodle
YorkiePoo - Yorkshire Terrier X Poodle
MaltePoo - Maltese X Poodle
Morkie - Yorkshire Terrier X Maltese
Bichipoo - Bichon X Poodle