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We recommend that you spay or neuter your puppy at approximately 5 or 6 months of age.
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K9 Kennels cockapoo
K9 Kennels cockapoo
K9 Kennels cockapoo
K9 Kennels cockapoo
K9 Kennels cockapoo

Hello Eve and Russ, We are having so much fun with Ryder, she has settled in well and we are all in love with her, she loves to walk to school with Natasha back and forth, she gets to walk off leash most of the way, has a ball playing with five other neighbourhood dogs along the way. Attached are some pictures, if you ever need a reference we are happy to share our experience. Ryder is a perfect size, so far at 7.5 months she is 13 pounds, with long legs and is quite the runner and jumper. My 11 year old son Liam loves to have ready set go races with her and cracks himself up because Ryder always wins!

I have a friend who is interested in a pup from Cocoa and Adam litter, any coming up soon?

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!   Saskia and family


K9 Kennels cockapoo

We're just writing to let you know how absolutely thrilled we are with Finn, the cockapoo that we purchased from you on Oct. 29. I imagine to a certain extent that all cockapoos have a great personality, but we could never have asked for a better dog. He makes us laugh every day and we cannot wait to get home to him. We also can't believe how smart he is, and how easy he has been to train. I know that we sound like doting parents, but we sincerely believe that we have the cutest, best dog in the world.

Trish and I didn't have children, and we've never had a dog before, but we are really enjoying the change in our lives by having Finn around. We watch far less tv, visit with each other while playing or walking Finn, and have been getting more exercise. We had read that owning a pet can lead to increased longevity, and we understand that now. Both of us are teachers and usually once the school year starts, that's all we think about 24/7, but now our thoughts turn towards home as we can't wait to play with the dog. Strangely enough, we both started sleeping better once we got him.

I just wanted to pass on to you how pleased we are and have included a picture of Finn taken just before Christmas.
Take care,    Bill and Trish


K9 Kennels cockapoo

Hi Eve, I've been meaning to email you for some time. Amigo is doing great and so are we! He is house trained and knows basic commands like "off", "sit", "down" "wait" "come" ...we are working on roll over. He is a very clever pup. I'm sure all new "parents" tell you that.
Amigo loves to walk with me and is a joy to walk with. He greets other dogs and people enthusiasticly.
Attached please find a little pic of our hero.    Marlene


K9 Kennels cockapoo
K9 Kennels cockapoo

Russ and Eve,    Well, our little pup Sandy (offspring to Bunny and Nickels) is nearly one year old. I can’t tell you how much joy she’s brought to our household. She is the perfect dog for us. She’s sweet, good natured, great with kids and just generally nice to have around. She’s become a very important member of our family.


K9 Kennels cockapoo

Chloe now weighs slightly under 23lbs and stands 16in at the front shoulder. We had her spayed in December and she has had her annual shots, etc. She is all legs, a terrific personality and the hit of the neighbourhood. Joan & George (and Chloe)


Cockapoo out of our Chocolate Toy Poodle Cocoa, and Adam, our Red Cocker Spaniel

Hi Eve and Russ
Hope you are keeping well! I know it has been a long time since we spoke – probably back when we were asking you about how to stop our new little Cockapoo Shadow to stop licking our toes!
Well finally we managed to down load some photos to send you. He has been an absolute joy, but boy what a character. He loves being the centre of attention when out walking, thinks every dog is his playmate, and just hates going to the groomers (poor girl). He loves to eat everything and anything – his favorite being deer poop!!!!

As you can see he is growing up nicely. The kids adore him and he just loves all the fuss and attention. He keeps us all on our toes.
Kind Regards    Adele


Dear Eve and Russ:
Just writing to give you an update on Toby, our darling little miniature cockapoo born February 12, 2008. This cute little bundle of fur brings such joy to our lives. He adjusted very well to his new home and is absolutely thriving - he weighs approx. 10 lbs now. What this little dog does not have in size, he makes up for in courage and persistence. We could not keep him in any playpens or large cages. He would literally climb up to the top and jump over. I even bought a baby gate (not the kind with the covered wire holes, but one that was totally smooth all the way up) and then put a piece of corrugated plastic in front of it. To no avail, he found a way to get out of my kitchen. Consequently, he has had the run of the house since he was about 4 months old. I must say he has been exceptionally good about it too.

Toby went to puppy school and graduated at the top of his class! and we were sooooooo proud of him. He has also been on a couple of holidays--in the summer we took him up to Nelson to visit some friends and then he and our other dog (who has now sadly passed away) went to stay with my friend in Sechelt for a few days as another good friend of mine got sick and I had to go over and look after him.. My friend in Sechelt breeds champion boxers and was trained as a vet in Croatia, so I know that the dogs are in good hands when they go there and our older dog had been going there for years. I am told that he had an absolutely blast with all of the other dogs that he met and he certainly came back to me happy and healthy.

Everywhere we go people stop and pet Toby and tell him and us how cute he is and they are so right. He has been for three haircuts and is going again on Saturday and he comes out even cuter than when he went it. As you have probably heard we had quite the dump of snow for our area and when I first took Toby out in it he was absolutely delighted - he ran up and down the yard in absolute glee. We bought him a little doggy snowsuit and he looked so cute. At one point he jumped right into the middle of the snow and nearly buried himself. He is a very well-mannered little dog and goes everywhere with us. I have a little dog carrier that I wear and just tuck him into the pocket in the front and then he can go into most stores with me.

Again, I want to tell you what a joy Toby is for us and thank you ever so much for being the experts you are in breeding and raising your puppies!

I wish both of you a very Happy New Year and will send you some pictures of Toby soon!


Exhausted after opening presents Christmas Morn!

Hi Eve,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Milla. She is growing like a weed and is training really good. I must say things are alot easier with a second dog. Alot of things Roxy seems to teach Milla or Milla mimicks Roxy!! House training is good, she goes to the door and barks and does not have very many accidents! She just went for her third set of shots and the vet says that she is in good health. She weighs a whopping 10.7 lbs! She went to the dog park today and got to meet other dogs for the first time! We had to keep her on the leash of course but she was itching to run with Roxy! Here are a couple of pictures for you, as you will see the two of them are looking more alike every day!!

I hope all is well with you and Russ and thank you again for breeding such wonderful dogs. With all the stories of bad breeders out there it makes me happy that there are people like you and Russ breeding great dogs!!! Thanks, Jen and Jay


K9 Kennels cockapoo
Charlie the Cockapoo

Hi Eve and Russ, I know it has been way too long for Ian and I to send you an update on Charlie (one of Lady's and Rudy's Halloween pups) but better late than never!

Charlie is by far the sweetest, happiest, most loving pet ever. He has really enriched our lives and stolen our hearts. He's awesome with my very little nieces and nephews and we are currently enrolled in obedience classes (just to reinforce the good behaviors that we've tried to teach him when we first got him and of course, from Charlie's perspective, to socialize.

He loves the snow, water, bath time and even has jumped in the shower as a surprise visit on occasion. HAHA He gets hot quickly and loves to lay down on his belly wherever it's cold. He's been neutered and had no problems there, has had all his shots and even seems to like the vet since she gives him treats. He loves anyone who gives him treats.

He was fairly easy to house train and we even have him trained to "ring the bells" hanging from our doorknob with his paws when he needs to go out for a pee. He hasn't had an accident in months.

He loved to play and adores toys. We have spoiled him rotten with toys but anything that squeaks is his favorite. We are having a few issues right now with barking, and so we are working on that (any tips would be awesome). However, he knows "sit", "stay", "lay down", "fetch" "heel" and "look at me" oh yeah and "high five" "shake a paw" and "roll over". We're working on "play dead" but he can't seem to get that one.

Anyways, I wanted to let you know that he's well loved and well taken care of. He goes for two walks a day, one on leash and one at the off leash park and we play in the yard all the time when we let him out. We also crate trained him and it was the best thing we could've ever done (even though it was so gut wrenchingly hard at the start and we had a week of sleepless nights). Thanks for our little Charlie. He's definitely one of the family!
Take Care, Raylene and Ian



Dear Russ and Eve
Remember me – I was born Feb 12, 2008, black female CockaPoo. I want to thank you for sending me to live with Kimberley. I have grown quite a bit since I left you. I weigh 11 pounds and I am going for my first hair cut tomorrow.
Upon arriving at my new home – it snowed and snowed. I was not sure about the white cold stuff but it is fun to play in. It has finally warmed up in Calgary. I hate the rain but I love the sunshine. My mom bought me a pool. I love the water. I go for daily walks and I am soon going to obedience school.
I have asked my mom to attach some photos of me.
Thanks again!   Love Abbey



Hello Russ and Eve,
Sorry this is only our first letter. Our Angel as you can see has the perfect name. We love her immeasurably. She didn’t have to work hard at finding her place in our home and we couldn’t live without her, ever! Even tonight when all she wanted to do was run after that darn rabbit she stayed put…for the cookie and a hug… well she probably could have done without the hug but knew better!



Hello Russ and Eve,
I just wanted to let you know that Roxy is doing really great. We brought her home at the end of December and she has learned so much. She is an incredibly smart, friendly and affectionate puppy. She house trained really well as has learned many tricks!
We have taken her to the mountains twice now and she just loves it. She is really good in the car for the long trip to Jasper or Banff. She just can't get enough sniffing done in the time that we are there!!
She has made a little puppy friend with the dog next door. They love to play together for hours! Most of the time she can outlast him, she seems to have an endless amount of energy!
Thank you very much for breeding such wonderful dogs and we are truely happy to have Roxy! Who knows we may come back to see youto get her a little friend?!


Hi there! We purchased a puppy from Gracey and George's litter last November. Just wanted to send a couple of photos that you may want to put on your website. We named our little black cockapoo male Chester. He has brought our family much happiness! Thank you and enjoy the pictures!
Shannon & Ken

K9 Kennels breeding with love cockapoo
Chester's first year
What a BEAUTIFUL dog!


K9 Kennels breeding with love

This is a lengthy update to let you know that Sally (Gracie and George's November 2005 cockerpoo pup) is alive and doing well down here in Calgary. Am attaching a few photos for you. Nothing recent, so I'm going to have to get the camera out again!

Sally is now 9 months old, and has grown to be a wonderful dog. I live a block away from a huge off-leash park, and she loves to run/play with other dogs. It's amusing to watch her, though, as she notices a dog, stops in her tracks to assess the situation, then takes off at top speed...only to stop short when the other dog notices her. At this point the other dog begins running towards her and she beats a path back to her protector - me! Once she's decided it's a safe situation, there's no stopping the play. It's a wonderful thing to have a puppy back in my life. I feel alive again...

Sally knows too many commands to list here, so I'll summarize them by saying that the only standard command I forgot to teach her was to Stand. We'll begin work on that soon. In the meantime, in addition to common commands, Sally comprehends "Off the grass; Stop; Get it/bring it/drop it and sit; No touch; Leave it; Gentle; Lay down and Rest; Be a good girl; What is your job right now?; Right here; (and when she wants to chew her human during rambunctious play) Put a toy in your mouth". She's been a treat to train...so intelligent.

And so cheeky too! Although she refuses to be a lap dog, when she wants my attention, she'll grab a toy and jump right up into my lap. Oh no, she won't sit or lay down; she just stands on top of me and swings her toy around to keep my attention directly on her. It is not a problem, as this behavior is rare, so when it happens, it is too funny! The other thing that's rare about her is that she tends to avoid jumping on people. I'm very pleased with this behavior, as that was a problem I created in my last dog.

She loves to run, socialize with other dogs and hang out with me...and that makes my life complete. Thanks for picking winning dogs as breeding pairs. I'm forever grateful that I found your website, and that we had that chance to talk last July. It's been a year since I made my decision to bring a dog into my life again, and I remain satisfied that I did so.

I look forward to bringing Sally up to visit some Sunday...

K9 Kennels breeding with love K9 Kennels breeding with love

Thanks again!    Sheri


K9 Kennels breeding with love
This is exactly what we are breeding for!
K9 Kennels puppy 'Ruffy' and her family, October 2005

cockapoo puppy  cockapoo
For the love of a cockapoo!

Hi Eve, Hard to believe we've had Ruffy four weeks now. Just letting you know she's doing great. Running around the kitchen right now with her many toys. She's just the pup I would have expected from your descriptions of George and Gracey - affectionate, and good-natured. She looks like a litte gold bear. One great thing about her is she's not destructive at ALL for being a pup. We leave all sorts of things lying around and she doesn't chew them. Thanks! Gail and family
Ruffy is great. She's exactly the family dog we hoped for: she is such a happy little pup -really affectionate, friendly, eager to please, full of energy and love, oh and of course, extremely cute.
She has adapted really well, and tries so hard to please by learning what is expected of her. She is good at entertaining herself when left alone, but is always happy to see us. She's had her follow-up shots and is good at the vet office.
She stays right close to home on our property, enjoys her walks in the bush, plays with her doggy toys, and tries not to jump up on people too much, except when we welcome her into our laps for lots of kisses and hugs. She is a little over-zealous in greeting our cat! We are loving her very much.
cockapoo puppy with tail
This picture shows the cockapoo puppy with it's tail.

Here is Ruffy with her tail (chasing it too). She is approx. 28 pounds, and if I measured in the right spot, about 13 inches at the top of her front shoulder bones. Now she has spring fever and is tearing up and down the trails 90 miles per hour with her fur and ears pasted back against her head as she flies by.

Ruffy in winter

Excerpt from one of the last emails: "We recently let her sleep at the end of our bed so that she would sleep in later. It works, and she thinks that is just great. Before that, she slept on her bed in the kitchen, but the half hour sleep is worth it to us. (Eve's note: and this is how we ended up with 3 dogs on the bed and no room for us!) So...that's the latest on Ruffy. She's leading the life of Riley. Our cat was recently lost (to a fisher, we believe), so it has been really good to have Ruffy as such a big part of the family now."

cockapoo   cockapoo
Hey, there's my tail!


cockapoo puppy
Ricca Arrives!

Hi Eve, Just thought you might want an update on our little Ricca. She is a great source of joy....Kristi is so pleased. We've made a few mistakes...however I think we are on track now. We have her kennel and she sleeps in that at night in Kristi's room and by day...we have a larger 2x3x2 caged kennel so that she can play with her toys and it's just roomier for times when we need her contained. She's progressing well in the house training department (especially now with the cage kennel) and therefore she knows that when we take her out of her kennel she's to go immediately outside to "do her business". She's catching on. Ricca is a very social dog and so bright and lovable. Ricca's loving her yard and wee walks around the block and at present is asleep.
Diane and Kristi

cockapoo puppy cockapoo puppy
Kristi and Ricca!  For the love of a dog.

Hi Eve, diane and kristi here. Ricca is doing great, she has almost mastered her 'come' to perfection and is getting good at staying by us while we walk her off leash. We have tons of pictures of her but none are really all that good. She just wont stop moving! anyway we just wanted to say that she is the most wonderful dog ever and gets along with other dogs too.
ps: we are going to teach Ricca how to do agility since she is so incredibly fast and she can turn corners so sharply....I think she has broken a record!

dirty dog!      cocakpoo
The 'other' side of pet ownership! Oh you dirty little doggy!      Ricca - what a beautiful little cockapoo!


Hi Eve & Russ. Just a few pictures of Ginny in her new home. :) She has been adjusting really well and learning so quick! Thanks for such a fabulous puppy. She is so relaxed, so smart and so healthy. :)

We are enjoying Ginny, but she sure keeps us on our toes!
We just gave her her first haircut last weekend, so she is a little silly looking now, but she is just growing like a little weed! We had her at the vet for her 3rd set of shots on Wenesday, and she had gained over 5 pounds since her last visit, but she is all lanky and lean! Vet said she is very healthy. Without her poofy hair she looks ever longer and skinnier than ever! Poor girl! (it really needed to be done though since we are living in a new neighborhood with mud and dust everywhere... she was bringing in a pound of dirt with her everynight caught in her curls before!)

She is going thourgh a very nippy teething stage right now, and had an accident in the house last night despite a really good 10 days or more before without one, but other than that she is a pretty well behaved girl. Already has a couple boyfriends too... a black brussels griffin down the block, and a bichon frise next door to dave's parents place. :)
Dave & Dionne

cockapoo puppy  cockapoo puppy
Dave and Ginny          Ginny's smile

cockapoo puppy
Ginny's Haircut - oh the humiliation! Hey, no laughing!
cockapoo puppy
Looooong Black Cockapoo!

August 29, 2005 - Ginny at 6 1/2 months old

Hi Eve!
Ginny is doing great.  :) She is definitely part of the family.

It was tough to measure her as she's always on the move, but i sneaked up on her while she was eating to get some approximate ones for you.
She's about 17 inches tall from toes to shoulder, and about 27-28 inches long from nose to tail. Not sure of her exact weight, but she must be close to 20 pounds by now I'm sure.

She is very sweet and loves to give us kisses and is very affectionate with the people she knows well and sees everyday, but timid with strangers, and even more nervous around groups of small kids. (even though we have her out on the street near the kids almost every evening, trying to get her past this).
One on one she's good with a kid or someone new if we are with her, but she seems to get overwhelmed in larger groups or when kids are running, on bikes, or being loud. She is very gentle though still, and has never growled or snapped at any of the neighborhood kids when they are crowding around trying to pet her. Just tries to get away and hide behind Dave and I or go back into the house.

In the past month or so she has started to develop a bit of a guard dog mentality about her house and yard that she never had before. She watches out the front room window often, and barks anytime someone is coming towards the house. Other than this type of 'guard dog' barking though, she is actually quite silent. Even when we're out for a walk, when dogs bark at us through their fences she just wants to go over to look, and never barks back.
She is completely housetrained, and has not had any accidents for about 3 months or more.

Her two bad habits are stealing used socks out of the dirty laundry, and pulling the toilet paper off the roll so she can rip it up and make conffetti. She's so cute though, its tough to be mad at her for more than a minute.

She sleeps on the floor in our room on her own little doggie bed everynight, and gets to go over to Dave's parents' house 2 days a week to play while we're at work. She loves to play with any of the neighborhood dogs, and gets all wound up and excited when she sees them down the block. She also loves the water, and enjoys chasing the sprinkler accross the lawn when ever we'll let her. She also loves to go for rides in the car. Her favorite toy is a large rope bone. She'll fetch it and chew it and shake it all around! She can get quite focused in on chewing a raw-hide to complete destruction some days too.

She was Spayed about 3 weeks ago now and has healed up great. The operation only seemed to slow her down for about 2 days or so, and then she was ready to run and play already again.

Hope that is a good update for you.
We really do love her!
Thanks again for the great dog!

Ginny at 6 1/2 months


Hi, thanks for touching base. Brandy is growing like crazy, and seems to have adjusted good, better than me! We bath her often, she has had her nails clipped once from a local lady, and we hope to have her spayed in about a month.

cockapoo puppy    cockapoo puppy
Brandy and Adam


Hi Eve,
I have been meaning to get in touch with you for some time. We are incredibly happy with our puppy, he is wonderful. My husband named him “Kona”. He has a very mild temperament and we cannot believe how smart he is! My husband was very surprised with his gift and enjoys him more than I thought! He is pretty much house trained, with the odd accident now and than which I think is to be expected! He knows to sit, stay, and finish. We are so glad to have a puppy in our lives and cannot believe how fast he has grown. I have attached a few pictures from about a month ago – he has grown quite a bit since then.
Thank you again for such a wonderful pet!

cockapoo puppy   cockapoo puppy
Kona   The lone Male in the litter


Thought I would update you on our first few days with our new baby. Lucy is her name - Gracey was far too dignified a name for such a scallywag!!

She is adorable. The ride home went well and we have now spent a few days with her and she is "waking up" more and more every day. She is probably about 60% housetrained. She loves going out (in our backyard) to chase leaves, chew on branches and roll in the grass/snow/mud. She carries her own leash out, with one end around her neck and the other in her mouth. On the first day, she couldn't jump the one stair from the lawn to the deck - now she takes a leap at it and succeeds every time. She is loving all her toys, is used to her kennel and loves her food!! Her favorite toy is simply a plastic water bottle, lid removed, with about 7 pieces of her kibble in it. She sees the kibble, rolls and carries the bottle, and then discovered that if she rolls it enough, out flies some kibble. The bonding is not a problem - as she is "profiling us" with nibbles to the ears, nose, neck, feet. You were right, she was open to human companionship at this time. When she eats, her bowl is beside a railing and I notice she pushes herself against it to get a better posiiton at her bowl - I assume this is leftover from her fighting off her siblings at the dinner bowl!

I may never be able to sweep my kitchen floor again, as she loves the broom and grabs at the bristles and refuses to let go. Sleeping is not a problem either. Last night, she slept through to 6:30 this morning. I place her kennel on the floor beside the bed at arms-distance and if she stirs, I put my fingers through the grill for her to sniff. I only had to do this the first night. All in all, I think she loves us as much as we love her.

We'll keep in touch and thanks so much for the excellent breeding choice. She has shown an intelligence and "trainability" far above what we would have expected from such a young pup.

I love Lucy! 6 1/2 months - August 30, 2005

Lucy at 5 months

I love Lucy!! She is very much living up to her name (as mischievious as Lucy Ricardo!) She is now 6 1/2 months old and is schedule for spaying in a week. I know I don't want pups, but as we get closer to the day, I feel "anxious" for her. She is growing well and eats well - has never left a meal uneaten. She has lots of energy and shows great talent in running for a ball, leaping on it and then carrying it back to me - her favorite is a volleyball which she manages to carry in her mouth. She loves to play - all the time!!! We took her to Ontario with us for summer vacation. She flew well and there she was "socialized", as everyone on my parent's street owns a dog and came to visit the new girl in town. We then went to the cottage, on a lake. I leashed her always and cautiously walked her down to the dock to introduce her to this very large body of water. No problem - in she jumped to investigate herself. From there after, nobody could swim without taking her in and every chance she got she would carefully stand on the edge of the rocks and get closer and closer to the water - then jump right in. I had no idea she was a "water-lover." She behaved really well for a "pup" and came home with a new self-confidence.

All in all, she is a fun dog, always ready to please, if not play, and is very trainable. In fact, she and I are scheduled for obedience school next week - really for the socialization and maybe to be taught how not to pull on the leash. She makes me feel my age when she runs nonstop on our walks, with me flying behind her at the other end of her leash!! Who's taking whom?? She is a happy dog and I get comments from other dog owners all the time who say she looks happy, or she is pretty - it's those long red eyelashes!! Appropriately named. I am thinking about joining the Hot Doggers so that she has a chance to show off her abilities at running, jumping and retreiving. She has excellent form - her "dog sitter" is an avid member and has told me all about it. I think I have to wait until she is 8 months though.

I have attached pictures (at 5 months old), but they don't show the interesting red stripe she has down her back, to match her red ears and eyelashes. You did an excellent job with the breeding and be assured that she is enjoying life and is a very "pampered puppy."

Honest, it wasn't me!

April 25, 2006
Hi, Eve
Just browsing your website. You have done a great job - very user friendly, with lots of information and great pictures.
Lucy is doing great!! George sure does know his job as I see he has been quite busy. Lucy seems to be a lot like her dad, I suspect. She is 28 pounds and is extremely playful and fast. She loves to play ball and plays like a soccer player and hits it with her head and paws it away. She is very, very smart. It is almost scarey - as I am sure she knows everything we say. She does not have a mean bone in her body and is friends with all - four-legged, as well as 2-legged, but she still is wisely cautious. I have had several people stop me on the street and tell me she is smart - how they know that I am not sure, as she is usually playing with her leash and biting it and jumping up and down - still very much a puppy. They say it is in her eyes. Such intensity, as if she really knows all that you are saying. We tried flyball, but she is too social to really care about it. She just wanted to visit everyone.
Anyway, she is very healthy, very smart and very loving. All that I wanted! I have never walked so much in my life as I have with her - she is keeping us young.
Take care


Sweet Dreams Winston
cockapoo cockapoo

Hi Russ & Eve,
Kerstin and I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we love our new puppy!!!
Although we've only had Winston just over 6 weeks, we don't know how we got along without him! He has the perfect temperament and seems to learn everything quickly, from house-training to tricks like 'sit' and 'down'.
We have already recommended your kennel to some of our friends! Really we couldn't be happier, thanks again.

~ From our Schnoodle buyers ~


K9 Kennels schnoodle
K9 Kennels schnoodle

Hi Eve,    I wanted to send you a quick update about Toby (the short-haired black male schnoodle we brought home on Saturday, Jan. 7). He's been such a great addition to our family. Everyone who's met him loves him, he's such a sweet, friendly boy and very cuddly. He's been mostly great with housetraining - he had several accidents this Saturday but we think it was the change in routine from the week days.

Toby is very smart, he's mastered 'sit' in the last couple days. He loves to play, especially with other dogs, but he's also great on his own with his chew toys. Our cats are still unsure about him, his energy is a little much for them, but they're starting to come around more every day. He starts his puppy classes on Thursday evening, which we're really looking forward to! We can't wait to learn more about training him.
Thanks again!    Sandy & Aaron


K9 Kennels schnoodle

Hi Eve,    I just wanted to send you and updated picture of our schnoodle Avery. She is now 1 year old. This is a picture of her from Christmas. We get so much joy from her. She is so full of energy and love.    Jill


K9 Kennels schnoodle
K9 Kennels schnoodle

Hi Eve,    We have named our little man (Timothy - Timmy for short). He slept through the night in his kennel and did not wake until 7:30 a.m. Same with last night - just a sharp rap on the top when he thought he should get up and party and he settled back down promptly.

Our Molly's nose is out of joint with this goofy new addition to our turf. May need to call you and Russ for some advice in this area. We are spending lots of quality time with her away from Timmy so she knows she is still an important part of the pack.
Regards,    Kelly


K9 Kennels schnoodle
K9 Kennels schnoodle

It has been almost a year since I have left with my new owners Lori and Dave. By the time you get this letter I will have had my first birthday on November 27. My new Mom and Dad had a surprise for me after dinner and I got to have a cup cake made especially for me…yum!

I want to thank you for taking care of me from the time of my birth until it was time to move to my new home. There is a lot to do at my new place and I am very happy. Mom and dad take good care of me. I have lots of toys and a big back yard to run around in. My favorite toys are the ones with the stuffing in them. I think it’s funny to pull them apart and throw the stuffing all over the place. Mom and Dad seem to have stopped buying me these though!…not sure why, I will have to speak to them about this.

I have graduated from Precocious Puppies and Polite Pooches from the Humane Society and I met allot of cool friends there, I also think I met my brother Henry! His mom and dad tell me that he was born at your place also and he too is a Schnoodle the same age as me! My teachers were really cool to me and they had this pouch on them that had an endless supply of treats that they would share. I learned allot about proper etiquette and a few tricks to do with my family. Mom and dad are very proud of me.

I have another other puppy that lives in the house also that looks exactly like me. She lives in this thing called a mirror. I continually try and coax her out to play with me but instead she just taunts me by mimicking what I do, she is not very nice that way! Sometimes when my treats get close to her I have to tell her that there mine even if I have to sit and growl at her for ten minutes! Eventually she will leave when I do.

I have provided some pictures of myself.
Sincerely, Zoe

On behalf of me and my husband we would like to thank you Russ and Eve for providing us with such a wonderful edition to our family.   Lori and Dave


K9 Kennels schnoodle

K9 Kennels schnoodle

Hello Eve and Russ, I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that "M6" as he was called (from Emma's last litter) is fine. He settled in the very first day he arrived in Whitehorse and has become quite a character.
His new name is Dude and he keeps one ear permanently in the air! His weight has more than doubled since he arrived and he is a very healthy, handsome, happy, loyal and a very friendly little fellow as well. I just adore him!

Anyway, just thought I would send a picture or two and let you know he is absolutely great. Many thanks, Tricia.


K9 Kennels schnoodle

K9 Kennels schnoodle

Hey – been meaning to write to you sooner. Thought you might like a few pictures of Oprah. She has brought so much joy into our home.
- Always happy to see us! - She potty trained awesome – thanks to a great start with you! Very few accidents in house. - We also kennel trained her and she sleeps through the night in that – which is great. - Lydia loves to dress her up! - She is now fully vaccinated and has been enjoying her walks each day – gets us up and going too. - She loves to dig in the sandbox with the kids – so funny
She is growing fast – can’t believe she is over 6 pounds already. We were curious to know how big the parents are – weight and height approx. (Rudy & Sweetie)
Take care. Andrea

Spike and Oreo

K9 Kennels schnoodle
Yum, apple cake!

K9 Kennels schnoodle
K9 Kennels schnoodle
Spike and Oreo's birthday party.

Thought I would share a few photos of Spike and Oreo from there birthday party day. They love apples so I made a cake with apples they loved it. Were still having fun with both of them they are so different but they love to be with each other and don't like to be seperated for to long. The Taylors


K9 Kennels schnoodle

K9 Kennels schnoodle
Cooper in the snow.

Hi Eve, Thought I would send an update on our wonderful Schnoodle,Cooper. He has grown so much since we got him and is getting to his adult height we think. He stands 13 inches tall @ shoulders and weighs 15.5 lbs now.
He is so much fun, learning fast, he was a breeze to train, within a few days knew he was to go outside even though it was cold (March) and has had very few accidents since.
He stays, sits, understands down,no, walk play and get your ball. He loves his walks and is quite well behaved on them except when 2 rabbits run right in front of him. We are still working on the "come" He comes 100% of the time to a shake of a small container of his dog food we use as his treats, but only about 60% of the time otherwise. We are starting puppy classes in 1 week, so I am hopeful we can get better at this with him.

I want to thank both you and Russ for coming out to the house after Cooper was with us for those few weeks. If you remember he had a biting problem when he got excited. The advice and demonstrations you showed us have been invaluable. He no longer bites, and almost never attempts to mouthe.

He has been totally healthy, was neutered at 5 months which he sailed through. He sometimes gets car sick but the vet says he will probably grow out of that poor lad. He has had his first real dog clip and looks more like a schnauzer ...so handsome.

I have attached a few pictures. Thank you again for your help with him and for breeding such a great dog. We love him to pieces.    Eva


K9 Kennels schnoodle
Here's Dixie!

K9 Kennels schnoodle
Just adorable!

Hi Eve and Russ! We thought you deserved an update on our sweetheart Dixie! Since we brought her home, there is never a dull moment in the McKay household! She was comfortable here the moment we brought her home, she slept through the night her very first night here and has done so ever since. Dixie does not like eliminating indoors, and has been a breeze to get outside for bathroom breaks. She has had no problem with the diet change, you could set a watch to her "elimination" breaks!

Dixie is SUPER playful when she is awake, and very cuddly when she is sleepy. She loves to fetch her ball, and will do so for hours! Being outside running in the grass is her absolute favorite, along with attacking dandelions.

She has had her second set of shots and her nails clipped, and she was the best behaved puppy at the vet! She is very healthy and growing like a weed! Those long legs of hers have sprouted, and she weighs more than 6lbs now!

I have attached a few pictures of her recently, you can really see the apricot color coming in, getting darker by the day!

She is an awesome puppy, loves everybody, and is everything we hoped for and more! Thanks Eve and Russ!


Help, the couch at my body!

Hi there!
Just thought we'd give you an update on our little girl. Molly is 15 weeks now and we absolutely love her!! She's cuddly and smart and wild all at the same time. She's been house trained since the second week that we got her and she already obeys commands and can sit, lay, and give her paw on demand. Such a smart puppy.

She's been a joy to have and we're so happy that we found you....we're already making plans to get a second for some company for her. We'll be in touch and we'll keep the picture coming!!

Badeeep Badeeep Badeeep, that's all folks!

Thanks again, Amy Jo & Stephane


Molly at 2 years of age.

Hi Eve,
I often get comments like, "Oh, I have never seen a schnauzer with a tail before." (not realizing Molly is a schnoodle).
Anyhow, many schnoodle owners (I am in an online schnoodle chat group)didn't even know what a schnoodle with a tail looked like. As a result, I thought I would send you this picture of Molly (Sweetie and Nickel's pup) albeit somewhat scruffy because we keep her coat longer in the winter just in case one of your customers wants to see what a schnoodle with a tail looks like.
Sincerely,   Kelly

Spike and Oreo


We purchased Spike and Oreo from you last March. They have been so much fun. Spike is the black one and Oreo the other. They play so well with each other,they miss each other when one is out for a walk with one of the kids. We have had alot of fun with them this past year they love being outside so this winter should be interesting.

Anyway I wanted to share these photos with you. Mackenzie and I like dressing them in something for each season. Spike loves it Oreo is more of a challenge.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas I will continue to send you some updated photo's.



Hi Eve & Russ,
Sorry I haven't sent any pictures... we are enjoying Percy so very, very much. He is the most wonderful addition to our 4-legged family.

He grew very quickly! He came home at 3.5 lbs and gained a pound a week for 7 straight weeks! Tomorrow he'll be 5 months old and weighs 11.8 lbs and has the longest legs ever... like a mini-horse! He loves the snow, runs around with his face in it! He's been fully trained to pee on the peepad when we are not home, but still pees like a girl outside! He gets along famously with Benjamin (our other Schnoodle). He's totally healthy and now has 5 big boy teeth. All in all, he is absolutely wonderful and we couldn't love him any more... thank you to both Farley & Cocoa.

I'm sending a couple pictures, I hope they don't clog up your computer... I'll keep in touch and updated on our new little man! Seasons greetings to you both and your family and all the best in the new year. Thank you again for Percy, I'm so happy I found you on the 'web'.
Sincerely, Letitia, Dan, Benjamin, & Percy.



Meet Katie, who lives in Wellandport Ontario. She is a sister to Molly, pictured above.
This is a picture of Katie, out of Sweetie and Nickels with our granddaughter.
Katie is a wonderful little dog with great personality. Everyone who meets her wants to take her home!

Katie has the honor and privledge of going into our mother's Nursing Home several times a week. Many of the residents look forward to her visits, and she is quite the little therapy dog! She even sat quetly during a church service while I was visiting! What an awesome little dog!

Schnoodle with a tail.

Mya & Cash
Hello Eve I look at your website regularly, I love seeing the new pups, I am often tempted to drive out a bring another one home. I was excited to see you are trying to breed Holly and Farley again. I must tell you Cash is a wonderful dog. He is so mild mannered and loyal and goofy. I saw the new litter of Sweetie and Nickels, they sure sold fast. Both dogs are great and having a fun time together, they run and play constantly and they do everything together. They are like mirror images only they don't look alike. Mya is very fast and agile and it is hilarious watching Cash try to catch her.

I have sent pic's of our family with Mya and Cash. I admit they are over kissed, hugged, held and smothered with attention. Also, Fennel is in one of the pic's because while we were in Kelowna this summer we contacted Constance and the dogs had a play date. They all got along immediately and it was neat to see the 2 siblings together. Cash and Mya had just been clipped 2 wks prior (at home) and Fennel had not yet had a first cut. I found out that Cash's hair seemed to come back curlier than before.
The dogs traveled and camped for 3 wks all the way to Van. Island, they are great travelers, even sharing the mini-van with 6 other people. These 2 schnoodles were definitely the right choice for our busy camping family.
Take care from Pam

These are schnoodles out of Holly - (white) and Sweetie (grey)
Visiting littermates!



We adopted 'Gilbey' on February 17th, 2007.
Gilbey has been a most welcome addtion to our family. I am lucky that most of my work is from our home so he has me around for company and training. He is unbeliveably smart and was housetrained with no accidents whatsoever.
His energy level is high so we regularily go on walks and Gilbey doesn't seem to notice the weather. We start some formalized training this week at Makin' Trax in St. Albert.
Here is a picture and as you can imagine everyone he meets instantly falls in love with this little dog.
Lisa and Frank



Hi Eve,
I took Fennel to her first training class today and she did very well! She really is a fast learner.
I will have to take another photo soon (I have to get my partner to send it), her ears are sort of lifting at times and has the schnauzer hair…very cute.
She truly is a wonderful dog and is happy and we love her to bits. You were right, I stopped panicking ages ago….
I’ll send a pic soon, Regards,   Constance

Hi Eve,
I’m sending updated photos of Fennel, now 5 months. I’m still not sure what she will look like but is definitely developing the Schnauzer characteristics…..do you have an idea by looking at the pics? I’d love to have an idea if she will look like a full Schnauzer, and check out the tan around her ears.
She’s such a quick learner, did very well in class and ‘reads’ other dogs before interacting. Perhaps she gets that from her mom? She loves the water, dove right into the creek to my surprise!
I’m not sure if I will get her fixed…..I don’t want puppies and wonder if it’s such an ordeal twice a year. Unless she runs away, she won’t be out of my sight (although I guess there is always a chance and it does take just a second!). I’ve always had my cats done but to tell you the truth I’m apprehensive about her going through it and I have friends who haven’t. I’d appreciate your thoughts.
I tried the raw food for 2 days and she loved it, her stools were much less but I have to finish her regular supply first. I think I’ll give her raw freeze dried as it’s easier to travel with, very impressed by the selection and most of all the ingredients.
I’ll be in touch again soon.

schnoodle - poodle X schnauzer
schnoodle - poodle X schnauzer




Hi Eve,
We've had our little Schnoodle for almost two weeks now and I thought I would send you a quick update to let you know how she is doing.
We have named her Teagan and she is a lively, well-mannered little pup. She has learned to go outside and use the same toilet spot every time, to sit nicely to greet people and to wait for her food, and to walk nicely on her leash. She is learning to sit still in the car and we are working on fetch right now. We also look forward to our daily "Schnoodle zoom", when she races up and down the stairs and around the coffee table in a figure-eight at high speed.
I've attached a photo of Teagan in her sweater. It's been -30C or colder here since she came home, so she needs a little extra help keeping warm!



Hello Russ and Eve,
Just wanted to send you an update on our schnoodle, Molly (Sweetie/Nickels November 21/06). She is now just over 5 1/2 months, is spayed, weighs 9.8 pounds, and has almost completed puppy obedience classes. She is a very friendly, intelligent, and eager to please little girl and she LOVES to go to school with Gerald everyday. She walks 5 kms with me every day and I always get asked what kind of dog she is. Most people have never heard of a schnoodle before. I think the cute little doughnut tail she carries over her back throws people off because, other than the tail, she does look quite schnauzer-like. She loves water and has gone for a couple of swims in our backyard pond, despite it being very chilly. She is going to be lots of fun at the cottage this summer. We are currently working on the 'full speed ahead cat butt sniffing' etiquette. The cats get along very well with her except when she greets them in this manner! She is a wonderful addition to our family, we love her dearly, and don't know what life would be like without her. Thank you for our Molly.

Molly is doing great. I have attached a photo of her and our eldest daughter, Chelsey. That crazy dog LOVES the boat and is the first one to the dock if we mention a boat ride.

Molly and Chelsey 2008



Hello, this is karalyn and having our new puppy(Scamp is the name we decided to call him, after the Lady and The Tramp pup) is just GREAT!! he's a very lovable pup, and we just love him to bits. We were expecting him to cry during the first night and have a hard time adjusting to his new home but he fit in right from the start and he slept deeply and peacefully since then. We keep him in the kitchen where there is no carpet and he sleeps in his kennel during the night. Every morning, he wakes up around 6:00 am and my dad takes him for a good walk then sometimes he comes to visit me in my bed and sleeps with me and waits patiently until i wake up.
He is extremely smart and has already learned to come, let go, sit, shake paw, and high five abnd recently has started to bark but we still have plans to take him to puppy kindergarten once all his shots have been up to date. He has grown lots, and learn lots and we are so thrilled to have him in our family. Thank you soo much for everything you have done for us and I will email you again soon, for another update!! Karalyn

~ From our MaltiPoo buyers ~

K9 Kennels breeding with love
KODA, the male Maltipoo

Hi Eve, Sorry it took so long to send you pictures of our maltipoo, Koda. He's over a year now and as cute as can be (he knows that he can get away with almost anything). He absolutely loves our cockapoo, Toby, and follows him everywhere. Thanks for everything! Cherylyn


K9 Kennels breeding with love

Hi Eve Thing are going great!! Steli is so wonderful. I would say he is pretty well trained and he is growing like a weed. The vet told me he would probably be 20 lbs when full grown. I can't imagine that can be true. His parents aren't that big! I am in Ucluelet right now so Steli had his first plane ride and is fitting in well. My mom and dad love him. He doesn't like change much though because it took about a week before he would eat much of anything. Just like the first week we had him. Am attaching a few pictures, will try to get a few better ones later. Lidia


K9 Kennels breeding with love

Here are some pictures of Madison that I took......She has almost all her teeth now and she really likes to chew on her Monkey. You'll see in the pictures, she drags that darn thing all over the house. It's too cute!!

Madison is developing her own character, she loves to be outside although it's a little chilly for her to be out for a long time. In a couple of weeks she should be able to walk around the block without getting too cold but then it all depends on the weather. She loves the snow.

Madison also has her favorites. She likes females more but she likes me the best.....I can't be too far from her before she comes looking for me. When I come home from work, she likes to be held for a while. I think to re assure her that I'm not leaving her.

She's really like a little baby and I love that she is so little. Slowly she is getting more brave and I think it will be a matter of time before she's a well rounded loving dog. She starts her dog training classes in 3 weeks so that will help her to socialize more with other pups......

All in all we're so pleased with her. She's doing alright with the potty training thing, I think she knows now that she's not supposed to go in the house, but I don't think she's quite made the connection that she needs to be outside......she'll get there though. Take care    April


It's been a while since I've updated you on Madison. Wow you wouldn't believe how much she's grown. She's doing excellent and she really is the queen of this castle. She's been to puppy school and she even had a graduation. She's so cute. Since my husband and I moved into the new house when we take her for walks in the neighbourhood everyone stops to pet her and ask what type of dog she is. She gets so much attention from everyone. I have yet to find a person who does not love her.


~ From our Morkie buyers ~


K9 Kennels Morkie

K9 Kennels Morkie

Hello Eve,   When we found the little puppy on your website, you made everything so very easy.
From the payment, to the flight out to Manitoba. You were always there to answer any questions we had. When he came home you could tell right away that he was played with and had human touch.
He loved to cuddle and play and torment our other two large huskies! he has the best temperament. Very confident little dog, but still submissive.
He has a beautiful coat. Very soft, and no shedding! I'm not used to that with 2 huskies in the house. we will be definitely getting our next pup from here! Thanks for my Beautiful little Duke!

K9 Kennels Morkie


K9 Kennels Morkie

Hi Eve,
Hope this email finds you well. Just wanted to share some pictures of Coco with you who has settled into our family nicely.
She is very healthy and sweet and we love her to pieces. She goes on 15 block walks with us and runs almost as fast as our younger daughter!
Take care,    Alice

~ From our ShihPoo buyers ~

RIP Sprite
k9 kennels shihpoo

Sprite was one of the first Shihpoos we sold 10 years ago to a loving family in Ontario.
Matthew - the young man holding Sprite, contacted me recently to tell me Sprites life on this earth was over. I was able to find one of the early pictures they sent me of Matthew and Sprite.
"I grew up with this little guy and he became my best friend i am now 24 and can't believe where time went!"
This, is a huge part in Why we do what we do!


K9 Kennels ShihPoo
K9 Kennels ShihPoo

Dear Eve    Our darling Teddy is becoming bigger every day and is getting her stitches(from being spayed) out tomorrow.
She has learned how to sit properly,roll over,up and dance,twirl,shake a paw,high five and her newest trick,dead!
She is an absolutely gorgeous dog,and has a beautiful coat. It has turned very apricot and curly :)

We would like to thank you for such an amazing addition to our family,from the bottoms of our hearts.Attached are some pictures of Teddy Bear.
Kindest regards,    Ramona,Emery, Alex and Teddy

Squiggles and Chiquita

K9 Kennels pups

Just a quick update and a great BIG thank you, for sending us our two beautiful Shih-poo puppies. Squiggles is just a year old now and Chiquita is six months. They are both, none worse for the wear, after their day long flights from Alberta to Newfoundland.
Squig (black) came to us in January of 2011 and everybody fell in love with her right away. So much so, that just a month later, my best friend decided to take home Squig's litter mate, Luna (grey).
It was a real joy to not only have one pretty puppy, but to also have her sister and littermate for puppy play dates. We enjoyed the sisters so much, we just had to do it again. Chiquita (beige) came home to us on Canada Day 2011. She was a chubby little brindle puppy with a sooty black face, she almost looked like she had dipped her face in a bucket of coal. As cute as she was, we had no idea what a gorgeous pup she would eventually turn into. They are all absolutely beautiful dogs.

The three sisters have made our lives puppy perfect, they have completed our families and made our households feel more like a home. There is not a dog hair to be found in our houses and allergies are a non issue, thanks to the combination of the two breeds. The dogs all have great temperments, they are cute, cuddly and they receive many compliments whenever they're out in public.
Thank you for sharing these beautiful pups with us, we can not imagine our lives without them. Cheers, Bobbi, Geoff, Samantha and Alex


K9 Kennels ShihPoo

Dear Eve and Russ, Just dropping you both a line to tell you how much we love this little girl and to thank you so much for being able to purchase her from you.
Everywhere we go with Abby, people comment how beautiful, adorable, cute and precious she is. Also where did you find her. She truly is a show stopper. I just want to hold her all the time. We do not know what we would do without her. Thank you again for raising such beautiful puppies.
She is scheduled to receive her second set of shots next week. She loves her holistic food from Wal-Mart and we feed her 3 small portions per day. The training is going a little slow but that's ok as she is only 10 weeks this Saturday. We also purchased a new crate for her. It is for a 20lb. dog and she loves it. I put a travel pillow in the back and the fit is just right for her. Our other crate was too large.

We hope all is well with you both and your family. We consider ourselves truly blessed to care for this little one. Take care of yourselves and we will probably call if we need advice. Here is a picture of Abby.

Sincerely, Bob and Fran Abby says woof, woof.

~ From our Poodle buyers ~

Lucy is such a charming and friendly dog with a very good temperament. She is much larger than either Spike or Pippin, we call her "my little pony" because she's the largest miniature dog we've ever seen! She weighed about 13 lbs when we had her at the vet's earlier this month for her booster shots. I think she's a little on the thin side but the vet said she's perfectly healthy. In February we changed the dogs' diet from the BARF diet to vet-grade kibble, and all three got horrible diarrhea from the food change, requiring antibiotics and numerous trips to the vet before all their systems settled down. They've all been healthy since then!
I love how beautiful and elegant Lucy is, she sits up so straight and trots around like a show dog. She's very playful and energetic, she loves running around the back yard with Pippin and Spike and can that dog ever JUMP, we hope to get her into fly ball or agility classes this year so she can run off some of that energy! She's standoffish with new people but warms up to them after awhile, and she really loves my husband -- her personality reminds him a lot of his very favorite pet, a black labrador male we had when we were first married, so he's really fond of her as well. She's so quiet that we sometimes miss her signals to go outside, so she's still having the occasional accident on the floor but she's getting much better. She comes running when she hears her favorite word: "COOKIE!" -- I give the dogs a few multigrain Cheerios every morning after I've let them out. Still not fond of having her feet wiped when she comes in with muddy ?or snowy paws and she doesn't love having her nails cut or her hair trimmed, but there aren't too many dogs who like that. :) (She loves the snow, by the way!)
That's about it, just wanted to let you know she's doing really well and everyone absolutely loves her (well, Spike isn't as fussy about her yet, but in time I think he'll warm up. Pippin plays hard with her every day.) Hope all is well with you and your dogs!
Cheers,   Michelle


Hello Russ& Eve,
Just a couple of pics of our GUARD dog Joey, He just had his poodle cut today, when I went to pick him up I couldn't believe how LITTLE he was. He sure has been a good companion for both of us, he is really a smart little guy, don't take any time to pick things up,especially Margaret's slippers and makes a mad dash for the doggie door.
Cheers    I & ME

~ From our Papipoo buyers ~

These are the last pictures I have of Angel right now. She goes in tomorrow to get groomed again.
She is about 11 in. tall and about 10 lbs.
She sheds very little but tends to mat some when her hair is longer... especially since I've had her out on an acreage @ Mulhurst and she was running in the wet grass as well as rolling in it.
She does bark alot & loves her walks. It's a little difficult to tell from these pictures but she is mostly blond with a brownish patch over her back & dark brown to blackish ears.
She is a screecher though... especially at the groomers unless she is being held which is impossible there, so needless to say they don't keep her very long!
She is apparently very good when being groomed though! She chewed through a leash and a halter while @ the groomers as well as another halter when I left her with my parents once! But inspite of all those things, I still love the little devil... or clingon as she has become lately.
Thanks again..... Gloria

Note from Eve on the issues with Angel with being a screecher and chewing leashes - these are training issues, not dog temperament as I have mentioned to Gloria. Little dogs tend to be let get away with all sorts of naughty things! Training people, training! : )

Brindle Papipoo

I unfortunately deleted this buyers email on her cute little brindle Papipoo. But this picture is a nice representation of what the Papipoo looks like.

~ From our Border Collie buyers ~  


Hi! Eve and Russ. How are you both doing?
Piper is over 4 months old now and is so smart! Born November 9, 2006. At 10 weeks she was giving paw and sitting on command. She knows how to do high 5's and will also play dead although she seems to not like that trick.........She loves kids...sometimes will nip at them when playing but does not hurt them. We are still working on that. She is still timid with strangers at times and afraid of noises. She likes car rides though!
Here are some pictures of piper. The first 3 taken on Feb. 18, 2007. Last one was taken on Dec. 24, 2006. We love Piper!

Rouhdain (Rowan)

Hi there, Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Rouhdain (Dawn insisted on the Gaelic spelling) is doing great, she is so smart that it scares me some times. She has gone ball mad, she never seems to get tired of playing ball. I have attached some picture of her with another border collie that we go to the dog park with. Thank you so much.

border collie - tri
border collie - tri

Dave and Dawn


Dear Russ:
Just a little note to let you see how your pup - 'Jack' is growing up. As you can tell he is a happy, well adjusted and much loved member of the family. We have taken several sets of training and I think we'll go into agility this fall. He is great around our horse and is becoming a barn favorite.
Yours, Deb

Red and White Border Collie
'Jack' one of Belle's Male Border Collie Pups

Red and White Male Border Collie
Jumping Jack!

Pete is adjusting well here at home. He warmed up to us really well, but is still extremely timid with other people and unfamiliar with the noises of the city. He's finally potty trained and plays ball real well. He's also really great with children. We are very happy with him being part of our family. Sincerely, Rene and Monica Junker
Pete was sold to Rene and Monica when he was 10 months of age, and wasn't used to city living or being a house dog. Just look at his smile - we are very happy he has adjusted so well!

Pete Junker - one happy dog!
Rene, Monica and Pete


Hello there,
Maple has successfully learned her name and how to sit on command. She comes on command, and just in the past two days she now knows the down command. We are currently teaching her the down command from 10ft away, kind of like a drop. And we will increase the distances as she gets better at it. The one thing we didn't teach her that you must have taught her is the word NO. She seems to know it without us really doing anything.

She is VERY smart. She is very good with kids and other animals. Her listening skill are amazing we are practicing the commands with a very soft voice to get her full attention and it works quite well (no need to shout the commands, she hears it the first time). We many have to repeat it a couple of times of course but so far so good. Friends cannot believe that our 8 week old puppy knows more commands than most full grown dogs.

From the attached picture she is looking more like Belle every day, and we are noticing more blond steaks in her every day. She is also getting lighter in color, once again, more like Belle.

We love our puppy Maple and she a wonderful pup!
Cory and Isabelle

Baby Maple, red and white Border Collie puppy Red and white Border Collie
Red and white Border Collie, Maple
Red and white Border Collie, Maple
Maple - the Red and White Border Collie
January 17, 2005
Hi Eve & Russ,
I just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you again how amazed we are with our little Maple! Cory was just out with her (yeah it's -37 and 1:30 am) and she learned "way to me" and "go by" about 20 feet away in 5 minutes!!! Of course we don't have the sheep yet but we're working on that! She's learning so much and so quickly!
Red and white Border Collie

Thanks again for the nice visit. It was great to finally meet you in person and we just loved being able to see Wind and Belle and all the other dogs.
Take care, Isabelle

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